Was Zion’s Camp a Failure?

 The saints in Jackson County, Missouri, experienced severe persecution in 1833.  They were driven from their homes and forced across the Missouri River into Clay County.  Joseph Smith received assurances from the Governor that if the saints raised an army to help the Missouri militias, the saints would be restored to their land.  Based on … Continue reading Was Zion’s Camp a Failure?

Joseph Smith’s Shortest and Longest Prayers

Joseph Smith’s Shortest Prayer “There were times when the cupboard was bare [in the Smith home]. One day they had nothing to eat but a little corn meal. They made out of it a johnnycake, as it was called, and the Prophet offered the blessing as follows:  “‘Lord, we thank thee for this johnnycake and … Continue reading Joseph Smith’s Shortest and Longest Prayers

The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

The Mission Call In the fall of 1830, just months after the church was organized, the Prophet Joseph Smith received revelations calling Oliver Cowdery, Parley Pratt, Peter Whitmer Jr., and Ziba Peterson to serve a mission among the Lamanites. Their objective was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the Book of … Continue reading The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

Joseph Smith Gives a Baby a Doozy of a Name

During the Kirtland period of LDS church history, Reynolds and Thirza Cahoon had a baby boy.  Shortly thereafter, the Prophet Joseph Smith was walking by, and Reynolds asked if Joseph would do the honor of giving the baby a name and a blessing.  Brother Joseph agreed.  Joseph held the baby and pronounced the name: “Mohonri … Continue reading Joseph Smith Gives a Baby a Doozy of a Name

Joseph Smith Rescues the Runaway Stage Coach

Joseph Smith was very strong and fit. He grew up performing physical labor. He loved wrestling and pulling sticks.    This strength and fitness aided him in his ministry. He survived being beaten, poisoned, tarred and feathered, and imprisoned.  He survived several life-threatening illnesses, including food poisoning, malaria, and cholera. Joseph Smith was also courageous. This was … Continue reading Joseph Smith Rescues the Runaway Stage Coach

Joseph Smith: A Self-Evaluation

The Church course of study for 2021 is the Doctrine Covenants, Church History, and the Life and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was far from perfect. He was the first to recognize and confess his flaws and mistakes. In fact, in 1828, he publicly announced that the Lord had severely rebuked him … Continue reading Joseph Smith: A Self-Evaluation

Joseph Smith: Man of Compassion

(In honor of Joseph Smith's birthday, 23 Dec. 1805) The Prophet Joseph Smith is often described as: strong, brave, faithful, inspired, obedient, loyal, playful, and cheerful.  But he is also a man of great compassion. Here are just a few examples of his kindness and charity. Joseph Gives the Coat Off His back In 1836, … Continue reading Joseph Smith: Man of Compassion

“Thoughts, Words, and Deeds” – Mosiah 4:30

Zoroastrianism is the religion of ancient Persia. It is the second oldest monotheistic religion, after Judaism.  It was founded about 1000 B.C. by the prophet Zoroaster (Zarathushtra).  Zoroastrians worship the “one universal, transcendent, all-good, and uncreated supreme creator deity, Ahura Mazda, or the ‘Wise Lord.’” The official motto of Zoroastrianism is “Good Thoughts, Good Words, … Continue reading “Thoughts, Words, and Deeds” – Mosiah 4:30

Profound and Inspired Book of Mormon “One-liners”

As we studied the The Book of Mormon this year, we noticed it is overflowing with “one-liners.”  These are very short profound and memorable quotes. Each of these one-liners can be a motto or slogan to guide our lives. Each of these one-liners can be a topic for a sermon. These one-liners not only inspire … Continue reading Profound and Inspired Book of Mormon “One-liners”

Major Anti-LDS Allegation #2: My Personal Reply

Antagonists' Major Allegation: LDS Church Leaders Made Mistakes or Misstatements The internet is full of anti-Mormon articles and videos. Some are by former members who left the church, but who cannot leave the church alone. Most of the anti-LDS websites make the same allegations. They point to something a church leader said, or a mistake … Continue reading Major Anti-LDS Allegation #2: My Personal Reply