Drunk Driver Calls 911 to Report — Herself

 In 2019, a Utah woman called 911 to report a drunk driver. The caller sounded intoxicated. She had slurred speech, and she was burping, and laughing uncontrollably on the phone.  The dispatcher asked the woman for a description of the drunk driver. The caller gave a description of - herself. She also gave a description of … Continue reading Drunk Driver Calls 911 to Report — Herself

The LDS Juror and The Clueless Lawyer

Just about everyone who knows me well, knows that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most Orange County attorneys who regularly appear in my court know I’m LDS. I was presiding over a driving under the influence (DUI) jury trial. We were selecting the jury. The clerks, bailiff, reporter, … Continue reading The LDS Juror and The Clueless Lawyer

Medical Marijuana: The Bogus Cases

Before marijuana became legal, California voters passed an initiative allowing possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes. The voters intended to relieve the suffering of elderly citizens with glaucoma, help increase the appetites of those undergoing chemotherapy, and so on.  The goal was compassionate care. However, there were no limits in the law. Almost all … Continue reading Medical Marijuana: The Bogus Cases

Jury Trial of the Nervous LDS Drunk Driver

I was in a jury trial prosecuting a drunk driver. My expert criminalist testified that the defendant would have needed to consume about seven drinks in order to get reach his blood alcohol level. After finishing with the criminalist’s testimony, I rested my case, and the judge announced a noon recess.  The judge was delayed coming … Continue reading Jury Trial of the Nervous LDS Drunk Driver