Latter-day Charity – Worshiping God by Serving Others

"Sunday Sermon" Humanitarian Relief and Welfare LDS Church humanitarian efforts, whether local, national, or international, primarily help those in need who are not members of the Church. This major endeavor is independent of the massive welfare program intended for struggling Church members and operated by local Church leaders. We Worship God by Serving Others “Pure … Continue reading Latter-day Charity – Worshiping God by Serving Others

Adorable Puffins and Baby “Pufflings”

"Fun Facts Saturday" Everybody's loves Puffins.  They are so adorable! Because of their color, Puffins are sometimes called the “Parrots of the Sea.”  Puffins fly up to 50 mph and flap their wings 300-400 times per minute. They can dive 200 feet under water, and stay down up to one minute. Atlantic Puffins spend 9 … Continue reading Adorable Puffins and Baby “Pufflings”

The Paranoid Defendant – “Constantly Surrounded by Mormons”

"Court Case Friday" I was presiding over the high volume arraignment calendar in my OC courtroom, when I called the case of a criminal trespasser. As I thumbed through the police report, I noticed that the defendant was arrested for disrupting an LDS stake conference. I also learned that the LDS Church had obtained a … Continue reading The Paranoid Defendant – “Constantly Surrounded by Mormons”

Testimony Meetings and “Open Mic Sundays”

"Sunday Sermon" Testimony Meetings Today is "Fast and Testimony" Sunday. The LDS Church devotes the first Sunday of the month to fasting for two meals and donating generously to the poor and humanitarian causes. This Sunday is the “Testimony Meeting,” when members share their personal witness of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. "In a … Continue reading Testimony Meetings and “Open Mic Sundays”

Where was his bodyguard when Lincoln was shot?

"American History" - "Fun Facts Saturday" Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president, was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth while watching a performance at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., on April 14, 1865. But what many people don’t know is that President Lincoln had a bodyguard assigned to protect him at the time.  The Pathetic Police Bodyguard … Continue reading Where was his bodyguard when Lincoln was shot?

“The Hulk” Came to My Rescue

"Court Case Friday" I presided over a case of a developmentally disabled young man who lived in a care home. He was a huge fan, ("Hulkster") of Hulk Hogan, "The Hulk," the giant world-famous wrestler and celebrity.  One morning, while this young man was waiting for the public bus to take him to an assembly line … Continue reading “The Hulk” Came to My Rescue

The “Wicked Bible” of 1631 – “Thou SHALT Commit Adultery”

"Fun Facts" "Sunday Sermon" I am “famous” for my typos and editing errors.  (“Moral Problem” vs “Morale Problem.” “Venus” vs “Venice.”) My hyper personality favors speed over accuracy. But I am not the only one who makes such mistakes. In the 1630s, Robert Barker and Martin Lucas printed 1,000 copies of the King James Version … Continue reading The “Wicked Bible” of 1631 – “Thou SHALT Commit Adultery”

M&M Candy Controversies

"Fun Facts Saturday" Everybody loves M&Ms - except for those who try to peel them. People argue over what the “M’s” stand for.  One suggestion is "Marvelous" and "Myself." Another is "Might" and "Magic." Here is the answer: “Mars” and “Murrie.”  In 1941, Forrest Mars, of the Mars candy company, and Bruce Murrie, of the … Continue reading M&M Candy Controversies

Murder at “Mormon Night”

"Court Case Friday" "Mormon Nights" Over the decades, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsored annual “Mormon Nights” at Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and Disneyland.  (Disneyland routinely scheduled nighttime"private parties" from 7pm to 1am on non-peak days. "General Public not admitted.") There were discount tickets. For example, in 1970 the tickets for “Mormon … Continue reading Murder at “Mormon Night”

Miracle of Protection: David O. McKay Saves Tahitian Saints

"Sunday Sermon" The miracles of divine protection occur frequently among the Latter-day Saints and other people of faith. Most believers have personally experienced or witnessed such miracles. In July 1959, thirty Tahitian saints had worked, saved, and sacrificed, to raise enough money to finance a trip to the Hawaii Temple. It had taken a lot … Continue reading Miracle of Protection: David O. McKay Saves Tahitian Saints