14th Article of Faith – “We Believe in Meetings”

“Sunday Sermon”

14th Article of Faith

We believe in meetings. 

We believe in all the meetings that have been held, all the meetings that are now being held, and we believe that there will yet be many great and important meetings pertaining to the kingdom of God.

We have endured many meetings, and we hope to be able to endure all meetings.

Indeed, we may say, if there is anything that resembles a meeting, we seek after these things.

A Plethora of Meetings

I have had callings in the church that involved a “plethora of meetings,” especially on Sunday. 

I looked forward to going to work on Monday to recover.  Monday became my true “day of rest.”

Of course, the scriptures declare that the Sabbath is a day to rest from “your” labors, not His.

I once served with a stake president who scheduled  pre-meeting meetings (“Prayer Meetings”), followed by the actual meetings, followed by post-meeting meetings “(Evaluation Meetings”)  He seemed afraid that, without a myriad of meetings, the church might devolve into “matter unorganized.”

I told my wife, “Just put on my gravestone: ‘Gone to Another Meeting.’”

Things are getting Better

Things have been getting better. We now have fewer and shorter meetings.

For example, we have gone from 4 to 3 to 2 hours on Sunday. Ministering reports are now quarterly instead of monthly. Temple recommend interviews are every other year, rather than annually.

Are Shorter Meetings are a Sin?

Some local church leaders seem to believe, “the longer the meeting, the better.”

Some bishoprics act like it’s a sin for a sacrament meeting to finish early. Instead of giving teachers extra time for lessons, the bishopric filibusters. They call on someone at random to stall for time by sharing their testimony. (“Mormon Roulette”)

Cancelling Meetings is a Huge Sin

If shorter meetings are a sin, then cancelling a meeting altogether is a huge sin.

I remember attending a stake priesthood meeting.  The theme of the meeting was, “Spend more time with your families.”  It would have been more productive to just cancel the meeting so that the dozens of husbands and fathers could spend more time with our families.

The Lord revealed e-mails and texts so that we could conduct church administration without the need to schedule more meetings.

At one time I was scheduled to attend ward, stake, and regional meetings at the same time.  I call this: “Meetings in conflict with each other.” I attended the most crucial meeting, and then I felt guilty about not attending the others.

Parable of the Turkeys

There once was a conference of the Church of Latter-day Turkeys.  The theme was “Turkeys Can Fly.”  The church leaders and inspiring speakers explained and demonstrated how to fly.  The turkeys listened attentively. Some even took notes.  All the turkeys were inspired and energized.  After the closing prayer — they all walked home.

Local Church Leaders

Local church leaders, especially bishops and stake presidents, spend countless hours in meetings in order to serve us. Be sensitive to their time demands.  Do what you can to ease their burdens.  And pray for them and their families.

Rest in Peace

When we die, I doubt we will truly “rest in peace.” We have just “gone to another meeting.”


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