Tragic Case of the Movie Theater Prank

I have handled a lot of high publicity cases during my judicial career.  I have received more publicity than I ever wanted. Fortunately, most of my publicity has been positive. Even more fortunately, I have met my goal of staying off the editorial page.

One high publicity case was the result of a juvenile prank

Soon after there were shooting massacres in movie theaters throughout the country, a “dumb” 18-year-old and his “dumber” friend decided to play a prank.  They snuck into the emergency exit at a movie theater complex. They crept into a darkened theater that was filled with people watching the movie.   

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They slithered in front of the screen carrying a gas-powered leaf blower and a camera. One defendant jumped up, cranked up the thunderous leaf blower, and pointed it toward the audience. 

The people panicked and stampeded toward the exits.  There were a lot of broken bones. 

The friend filmed the prank and posted it on social media for “bragging rights.” 

Using the social media recording, the police arrested the pranksters and the District Attorney filed multiple charges against them.  A special prosecutor was assigned who demanded serious jail time.   

Whether you do what’s right, or whether you do what’s wrong, the consequence will follow. So, choose the right.

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