I Confess — I Was a Mean Older Brother

Sibling Rivalry and the Pecking Order Sibling rivalry is a normal part of family live.  There is a natural pecking order where the older children pick on the younger ones.  Fortunately for me, the first child in our family was my older sister who was very sweet and nice. (Except for a couple times when … Continue reading I Confess — I Was a Mean Older Brother

My Fellow Judge Got Pranked – Big Time

Judges don’t have regular work hours. As elected officials, we are judges -- 24/7.   For example, I am available any time day or night to handle law enforcement requests, like issuing emergency protective orders in domestic violence cases, or issuing emergency arrest or search warrants. For instance, the police have contacted me at night at … Continue reading My Fellow Judge Got Pranked – Big Time

Tragic Case of the Movie Theater Prank

I have handled a lot of high publicity cases during my judicial career.  I have received more publicity than I ever wanted. Fortunately, most of my publicity has been positive. Even more fortunately, I have met my goal of staying off the editorial page. One high publicity case was the result of a juvenile prank.  … Continue reading Tragic Case of the Movie Theater Prank

2 More Major Judicial Pranks

The Rude Angry Traffic Offender One of our judges shared coffee in chambers every morning with one of the local police department's transportation officers who brought prisoners to the courthouse each morning. They became good friends. The day the officer retired, he and some judges, clerks, and bailiffs decided play a prank on the judge. The officer … Continue reading 2 More Major Judicial Pranks

2 Major Judicial Pranks

There is often great camaraderie among judges, especially when they have worked side-by-side for decades. Judges sometimes become good friends and family members. But as with most families, there is sibling rivalry. Occasionally, judges like to tease and prank each other. (I can share these accounts because any statute of limitations expired decades ago.) The … Continue reading 2 Major Judicial Pranks