D.A. with Skirt Tucked in Her Panties

“Court Case Friday”

I was presiding over a misdemeanor jury trial.  The young woman prosecutor was a dressed in an cream-colored silk blouse, and expensive tailor suit, with a charcoal pinstripe coat and a matching skirt. This was her first trial, and she wanted to make a big impression on the jurors.  

We resumed direct examination of the prosecution witness after taking our morning recess.  The D.A. had used the restroom in the jury room behind my courtroom.

All of a sudden, a woman juror interrupted the proceedings and blurted out to the D.A., “Your skirt is tucked in the back of your panties.”  The D.A. turned beet red and untucked her skirt.  How embarrassing!

Of course, a more experienced D.A. might have replied, “Now that I’ve got ever body’s attention, let’s focus on the witness.”


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