Why Bow Ties?

People often ask me why I started wearing bow ties. Here’s the answer:

When I turned 65, I was in a funk.  My life and career had reached a plateau.  I was bored, and I was sinking in the doldrums.

I was having a delayed “midlife crisis.”  (Most men have their midlife crisis between 40-55 years old.)

Something had to change.

I could have retired, like most people. But I love my job.  It’s the only place where I get treated with respect and where people laugh at my jokes.

 A traditional solution would have been to buy a new car or new house or get a new career or a new wife. (But I am already married to a “trophy wife.”)

All of these solutions were too expensive and fraught with problems.

Then, a middle-aged attorney walked into my courtroom with a wearing a suit, vest, and silk bow tie.  He looked like a fashion model. He was very dapper

I have always liked the “dapper look.”  I thought to myself, “Bow ties go will with vests and judges robes.” I concluded: “If bow ties are good enough for Winston Churchill and James Bond, they are fine by me.”

The rest his history.

It took me two weeks, with the help of YouTube, to learn how to tie a bow tie. “Real gentlemen don’t wear clip-ons.”

Now, I am no longer bored. I have a nice collection of bow ties. And I still have my “trophy wife.”

Cheshire and Me
Halloween Scary Look (Wife Tailored Tie)
National Holiday Bow Tie (A Challenge to get the Stars and Stripes right)
Flags of Scotland, England, and Cali

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