“He Needs Air!” Case of the Drug Crazed Mom Stabbing Her Toddler

I have presided over countless tragic drug cases. This is one of the saddest.

The woman next door decided to visit the defendant. As the neighbor approached the front door she glanced inside the living room window. She saw a horrifying sight. 

The defendant was holding her three-year old son by the back of his hair with her left hand tilting his head backwards.  With her right hand she was repeatedly stabbing her son in the throat with a ball point pen. She kept screaming, “He needs air!  He needs air!”  Blood was going everywhere.

The neighbor crashed through the front door and grabbed the son away from his mother just in time. The mother was hallucinating because of a drug induced psychosis caused by prolong abuse of methamphetamine. Had it not been for the neighbor, the mother would have killed her son. 

The mother had an extensive criminal record for theft, assault, and drug dealing. I sentenced her to state prison. A family law judge terminated her parental rights and placed the boy in foster care pending adoption.

What a tragedy! 

The damage to society caused by drugs and alcohol is enormous. The majority of serious crimes are committed by people either under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or by people trying to support their habits.  This includes: domestic violence, homicides, DUI deaths and injuries, armed robberies, “porch pirates,” auto burglaries, residential burglaries, home invasion, and on and on.

 Under ancient Roman law, committing a crime while under the influence of alcohol or drugs was an aggravating factor which increased the punishment. To them, intoxication was “voluntary insanity.” 

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2 thoughts on ““He Needs Air!” Case of the Drug Crazed Mom Stabbing Her Toddler

  1. Years ago, I lived in Long Beach in condo conversions. The front doors were in an inside hallway. A few feet a way from my entry front door was the door of a neighbor guy who was a meth dealer. He would deal out of this 3rd story window. Dissatisfied customers routinely came up and thrashed his front door and also the stairwell leading up to our hallway.
    We got the Long Beach Police involved, and they were magnificent. They kept visiting him and doing ‘consensual’ searches. They counseled us neighbors to do an action: to kindly notify his owner-landlord mother to get her son out, or be sued by us in a class action civil suit for destroying our property values! An interesting solution, and it worked. He was taken out and his trashed condo restored and remodeled.
    I actually liked the guy as a person. But meth had ruined his facial appearance and his life in general. Damn wicked drug.
    Poignant post, Brett.


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